As primary health care professionals, physiotherapists combine master’s degree university training in how the body works with specialized in-depth clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of injury or disability. Your physiotherapy assessment may include analysis of joint range of motion, functional movement patterns, muscle strength, posture, gait, and balance, as well as neurological function.

The physiotherapist will work with you to achieve maximal physical functioning and independence by providing personalized physio treatment based on your specific needs. The goal of therapy is patient independence in managing their injury or medical condition and by providing education, the physiotherapist will help you to understand your condition so that you may decrease or prevent re-occurrence of disability.

We also do Spinal Decompression for a variety of conditions. Please ask when you are making your appointment.

Physiotherapists can help you with:

Some of the conditions that Physiotherapists evaluate and treat include: