Physiotherapy FAQ / Fees:

Do you need a doctor’s referral?

Where is the clinic?

What are your hours?

Do you need to make an appointment and how long are they?

What is involved in treatment?

How much does it cost?

WorkSafeBC (WCB) and ICBC patients do not pay any fees as long as their claim has been accepted.

Our university trained physiotherapists are here to assess and treat any injuries, chronic problems and /or postural imbalances. We will work with you to address your mobility, strength, flexibility, pain control, proprioception and balance using manual hands-on techniques, modalities, education and individualized exercise programs.

Most extended health plans cover physiotherapy treatment. Please check with your individual plan for details.

No doctor’s referral is needed.

What method of payment is accepted?

Is there a cancellation fee for appointments?

What does my extended health plan cover?

Can WCK Physiotherapy directly bill my extended health plan?

Insurance Coverage: