Paramedic Fitness Testing – Physical Fitness Assessment

West Coast Kinesiology offers the Canadian Physical Activity Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA) health-related physical fitness assessment as part of The Justice Institute of BC Paramedic Training program graduation requirements. The CPAFLA appraisal includes pre-appraisal screening and objective measures of muscle strength and power, flexibility, body composition, aerobic fitness, musculoskeletal fitness, and back fitness.

To schedule an appointment for your fitness test call 604-467-4675. The fee for this appraisal is $125 (includes GST) and usually takes about 1¼ hours. Payment is either by cash, cheque or Visa. The appraiser is required to fill out and sign forms that you need to submit in your application package.

Come to the testing session in gym strip and running shoes. Do not eat, smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine for at least 2 hours before the appraisal. Do not exercise for 6 hours before the appraisal. Not following these instructions may adversely affect your test results on the appraisal. Also, trying to “cram” for the test by doing extra-hard exercise sessions 1 or 2 days before the appraisal will not work and may also adversely affect your results.

This Justice Institute of BC page describes the process in more detail, including what forms you will need to collect and submit from your appraiser.

The test is administered by a Certified Exercise Physiologist who is listed as a registered appraiser by CSEP