“Without West Coast Kinesiology I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today, both physically and emotionally. They have given me the inspiration and training I needed to undertake goals that I used to only dream about. Because of this I achieved my goal of finishing my first Ironman triathlon.” Cristina Schnieter (ultra athlete)

“This program was very rewarding for me. Time was taken to not only improve me, but to explain why and how it was all working. Having this knowledge and knowing the importance of exercise made me feel motivated to continue and made me feel more energetic in my daily life. It feels great to have all of my movement back, and I thank this program.” Kirsten Cooper

“This program has been very good for me, particularly with regards to maintaining a good attitude towards my recovery in spite of how discouraged I was before I started. The staff at the facility have been a deciding factor in my case. I will make my doctor aware of my feelings about this.” Dan Westerby

“I liked the way they helped me work up to my full fitness level. I never felt like I was doing too much or too little, always just right.” Margret Kerr

“My job entails heavy lifting at odd angles and the therapists have provided additional ideas on how to stretch out and warm up muscles before and after lifting. By describing the injuries it was easier to effectively prevent re-injury. By following through with my stretching exercises I have been able to return to work without pain, ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is currently in pain or in a position where prevention can be the best cure. I honestly feel that I am stronger and more flexible than I have been in 15 years. With the knowledge I now have I feel I will continue to improve and that my injury is a part of my past and not my future.” Jim Peck

“The staff are excellent in support and encouragement.” Leslie Moffatt

“I was in so much discomfort when I began the program. My kinesiologist helped me out so much. I was very reluctant at first because I was in so much pain. I was still coping with it. She constantly reassured me that it was normal and it was the healing process. It made me feel very comfortable and put alot of trust in the program. Thank you very much.” Karen Penner

“The kinesiology staff is excellent. If it wasn’t for them I’d still be where I was 2 months ago. They have been so supportive.” Leigh Garden

“The conditioning program was really fun and it taught me a lot.” Heather McLeod