National Fitness Instructor Certification Courses

West Coast Kinesiology is pleased to present Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) national fitness certification and leadership training courses — hosted by CFES Educator Kerry Senchyna, B.Sc. (Kin.), BCAK. These courses are designed to provide both theoretical and practical information in a very interactive and learner-friendly setting to give you the skills and confidence for employment in the health and wellness field.
CFES is a national fitness education and certification organization. Our mission is “to enhance activity effectiveness for all ages and stages, through quality programs, products and caring service.”
Since 1980, thousands of students have appreciated the CFES approach to fun, challenging and rewarding classroom courses and home study programs.


The CFES courses provide the highest recognized standards and comprehensive information on how to keep yourself and others safely fit and well. Thousands of students have found this course learner-friendly, academically credible, and very practical. This course acts as the prerequisite to all CFES Instructor Courses including the Weight Training Instructor and the Personal Trainer Course. Graduates who become certified are recognized throughout Canada and can teach or work in most private gyms or recreation centres in Canada.


Who is the program for?
• Anyone looking to become a certified fitness instructor or personal trainer, this is the first step;
• Anyone interested in learning more about exercise, nutrition and active living;
• Health and exercise enthusiasts wanting more detail on how to advance their exercise knowledge;
• Teachers, coaches, athletes, professionals in the health and wellness fields; anyone needing practical, credible information for their students, team players, program participants.


Step To Becoming A Certified Fitness Professional

The following outlines the steps for CFES national fitness instructor and personal trainer certification. Please note: You do not have to become an instructor to enrol in any of our programs.
Step 1: CFES Fitness Knowledge Classroom or Home Study Course. This popular course is the prerequisite to all CFES Instructor and Personal Trainer courses. It is also beneficial for anyone wanting to know more about exercise, nutrition and active living.
Step 2: CFES Instructor Courses
• Aquafit Instructor Course
Designed to teach foundation knowledge and practical skills to lead basic aquatic fitness classes.
• Group Exercise Instructor Course
Designed to teach foundation knowledge and practical instructor skills to lead basic group fitness classes.
• Weight Training Instructor Course
Designed to teach foundation knowledge and practical skills to develop basic weight training programs.
Step 3: CPR and First Aid Certificates
CFES host agencies and educators may offer these courses or you will find them in your community.
Step 4: Practicum Program, Instructor Skills Assessment (ISA) and National Exam
Student practicums are scheduled following each instructor course. This is followed by a national certification Instructor Skills Assessment and proctored exam.
Step 5: Become a Certified Instructor
Submit all documentation for certification. Instructor liability insurance is available through our insurance broker affiliate.
• CFES Personal Trainer Course
Become nationally certified in the exciting field of personal training. This nationally-developed course sets the standard for Canadian Personal Trainer certification.
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Note that West Coast Kinesiology offers the Fitness Knowledge, Weight Training Instructor and Personal Training Instructors courses.

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