Rehab for hip and knee replacementsTotal hip and knee replacements are some of the most commonly performed surgical procedures today and an essential part of the rehabilitation process after surgery is physiotherapy. We aim to maximize your function and independence and minimize complications after surgery. Joint weakness may persist for up to two years after surgery, even for people with a normal walking pattern. Many studies have shown that weakness is a major risk factor for falls in older persons. To counteract such problems, gentle exercise is important in rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery. Specific, personalized exercises to strengthen your muscles and restore movement for walking and other normal daily activities are given to each patient.

Education is an important part of rehabilitation and includes a review of hip and knee precautions, anatomical reasoning for restrictions, and safe mobility and postures. Our clinic also provides land and pool based programs which are popular and cost effective.

Physiotherapists are “Body Specialists” and are skilled in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions.