Fitness Knowledge Course

Event Information:

Date: 14.08.2015

Place: #203 - 22971 Dewdney Trunk Rd. West Coast Kinesiology and Physio Clinic

Partners: CFES

Additional info:

The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course
Expect the CFES Fitness Knowledge Course to provide comprehensive information on how to keep yourself and others safely fit and well. Thousands of students have found this course learner-friendly, academically credible, and very practical. This course acts as the prerequisite to all CFES Instructor Courses including the Weight Training Instructor and the Personal Trainer Course.
Who is the program for?
• Anyone looking to become a certified fitness instructor or personal trainer, this is the first step;
• Anyone interested in learning more about exercise, nutrition and active living;
• Health and exercise enthusiasts wanting more detail on how to advance their exercise knowledge;
• Teachers, coaches, athletes, professionals in the health and wellness fields; anyone needing practical, credible information for their students, team players, program participants.
What do I learn?
• The majority of your bones and 27 muscle groups; joint actions and muscle movements
• How your heart and lungs function; develop and maintain cardiorespiratory endurance
• How to shape, tone muscle, gain endurance, strength and or bulk
• Principles of safety in exercise;
• How to start a career in the fitness industry

Dates & Times*: October 17, 18 and October 24;
all days 9 am to 5 pm
Course Fee: $_359__ (includes resources & taxes)

Location: West Coast Kinesiology

Register by calling 604-467-4675, faxing the completed registration form below to 604-467-5830 or dropping by our clinic location.

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